The Bike Team

2015 was the first year of an organized Bike Team for the County of Renfrew Paramedic Service. In the past, there had been a few events where Paramedics were riding bikes but there was no formal structure or program.

The Service organized two training days and trained a total of 26 Bike Paramedics.  These Paramedics volunteered for the position through an expression of interest process.

All successful candidates were evaluated by our lead instructor Derek Davis for competence and safety to provide service in the community.  Once graduated, all team members were issued the bright green shirt and shorts uniform, and a helmet.

We have a fleet of 4 cross trail mountain bikes outfitted with equipment bags to run any call including symptom relief and cardiac arrest.  The equipment bags contain a full complement of equipment for trauma, medical and symptom relief medications. We also carry oxygen and have two Lifepack defibrillators that are compact and give the ability to both defibrillate and monitor cardiac rhythm. This is essential when giving symptom relief medication.

The Bike Team attends Community events, including Fiddle Fest, Valley Bluegrass, The Wardens Family Day, The Kitchasippi Run, Zombie Thrill Run, Marathons in Barrys Bay, Deep River, Burnstown, and numerous other Bike races inside the County.  These events covered a total of over 50,000 people. Our presence was noticed and very appreciated by both organizers and attendees.  We assessed and treated close to 30 patients at these events and all were very grateful.


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