Pioneer Program

The Pioneer Program is a way for the Service to bring together past and future retirees and show our respect for the many years of dedication and commitment they provided to our Service and to the Communities they served.

It was a priority for The County of Renfrew Paramedic Service to promote the involvement of retirees in current Service events and the Community by volunteering at Public Relation Events like Fairs, Parades, Medal Ceremonies and Wellness Clinics. The Service has worked hard to compile a data-base of retirees to date and their current contact information. At times, there have been communication challenges, as many do not have an email.

This was an opportunity to draw on the years of combined service and experience – a valuable resource when discussing the future of the Service, including future endeavours, further advancements and addressing possible challenges.

The Services holds an annual Fall lunch-in where retirees review the project and are engaged and given the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas. They receive a “SWAG” package, and a Service Award Medal.