Remote Access Treatment Team

What Is The RATT?

The Remote Access Treatment Team is made up of Primary and Advanced care Paramedics who are Wilderness aware and trained in GPS, Topographical Map Reading, and Wilderness Survival. 

The RATT attends to patients in remote, difficult to access, areas.

This equipment gives the Paramedic Service the ability to get the right treatment to the patient on scene in a most expedient and safe manner. To stabilize and appropriately transport to an awaiting Ambulance.

What Is It?

3) This was established in July 2015.

An initiative by  Chief Nolan. He felt that even though the medics were doing the best with what we had, borrowed and utilized by other services arriving on scene.  It was important that we as a Paramedic service have the right equipment and tools to do better for the patient and the well being of our crews.

4) This concept is used by other services usually for special events and usually in a  controlled environment.

Obviously their are specialty teams such as search and rescue ,TRU and other teams that have such equipment but this equipment and the RATT team that is being developed is a specialty to the County of Renfrew Paramedic Service.

The Equipment

The RATT is a Polaris UTV 5 seater with a dump box that has been retrofitted to carry a patient on a secured stretcher, it also has the ability to carry up to 3 Paramedics to the scene who then provide treatment and safely transport the patient from the scene allowing them the ability to treat on route to an awaiting Ambulance.

The RATT is housed in a covered trailer ready for use. The RATT trailer houses a vast amount of specialty wilderness equipment. The RATT vehicle also has some pertinent equipment mounted on board ready for use secured to the mounted stretcher.

To name some of the equipment housed and ready for use are, defibrillator,  O2, scoop stretcher, overnight survival bag, GPS, maps, saws, ropes, lifejackets, communication equipment generator extra fuel etc.

The Paramedic has the ability to select the equipment needed for the type of call being done.

The trailer can be towed by a variety of our emergency response vehicles.


John Godin
County of Renfrew Paramedic service