Special Services & Teams

Bike Team

2015 was the first year of an organized Bike Team for the County of Renfrew Paramedic Service. In the past, there had been a few events where Paramedics were riding bikes but there was no formal structure or program.

The Service organized two training days and trained a total of 26 Bike Paramedics.  These Paramedics volunteered for the position through an expression of interest process. 


Honour Guard

An Honour Guard is a group that provides special services to current and past members of the Paramedic service.  The County of Renfrew Paramedic Service Honour Guard established the Fall of 2013. They belong to the Alliance of Canadian Paramedic Honour Guards.

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Remote Access Treatment Team (RATT)

The Remote Access Treatment Team is made up of Primary and Advanced Care Paramedics who are wilderness aware and trained. The RATT attends to patients in remote, difficult to access areas.

This equipment gives the Paramedic Service the ability to get the right treatment to the patient, in the most expedient and safe manner.

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Peer Support Program

The County of Renfrew Paramedic Service has recently instituted a Peer Support Team. This is a team of Paramedic peers whose mandate is to assist and provide psychological support to their colleagues.  These team members will be available by phone or in person to facilitate debriefs and discussions after particularly stressful or intense calls. The team has received Mental Health First Aid training.

We are also hoping to have monthly drop-in meetings for anyone in the Service. The goal will be to have an educational component followed by a coffee and chat. Everyone should feel welcome to come and learn, as well as just talk to peers.


self assessments

Pioneer Program

The Pioneer Program is a way for the Service to bring together past and future retirees and show them respect for the many years of dedication and commitment they provided to the Service and the Communities they served.

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The Indro MKV is a multi rotor aircraft that can travel up to 80km/h for up to 40 minutes. Having the UAV allows the Service to perform search & rescue, increase situational awareness, and deliver emergency medical supplies, ahead of a Paramedic crew. For example, it could deliver a life-jacket, epi-pen, or defibrillator.

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